Saturday, August 10, 2013

We have a plan, sorta...and a plea

The beginnings of a plan, for an Innspiring Innkeepers Road Trip! 
Four experienced innkeepers from 4 different states travel thru America’s heartland on a road trip. Visiting B&B’s along the way, hoping to provide valuable innside innformation from the perspective of seasoned innkeepers/and guest.
4 innkeepers who are regulars on an online forum of professional innkeepers. These innkeepers cannot be everywhere and visit every inn, so this road trip challenge is to get out and meet some of the other folks in our industry! To encourage them, as we share our ups and downs in this business. We will post a short bio for each of them soon on this blog, from the road trippers to the Inns we visit!
Innkeepers are rarely allowed out of their inns! The term INNMATE has more than one connotation here. To leave the inn during our busier seasons would be self defeating, as we need business to pay the bills!  However, winter is typically dreary and guests are busy in school, and at work, the mundane day-to-day fills their time. We figure this might be the best time to hit the road. So maybe December!
We plan to use this blog and add funky images we take along the way. Who knows what we will come across along this journey...
As of right now, we are thinking of Indiana to Missouri to Arkansas to Louisiana? Toss in a Tennessee and Mississippi for good luck! This is tentative only... we are now making a giant loop East...

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If you are a B&B along the way and would like to TRADE GIFT CERTIFICATES with us, we would love to meet you! Then you can come and visit us in Inndiana, Missouri, West VirgINNia and VirgINNia...please use the contact form on this blog.

So what do you think? Will this plan pan out? (The below map is tentative)

Innspiring Innmates,
Shellie, Jane, Kathleen and Carol


  1. What a fabulous idea. Have a grand time, I'll be reading. Don't forget to post lots and lots of pictures ;)

  2. Hope to see you ladies in my neck of the woods! Watch out though, I might make you do breakfast to teach me a thing or two =) Looks like fun!

  3. Everything makes more sense if you point a spatula at it *lol*